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King Size Special Hammock in color combinations. No. 7 size XXXL

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Mexican hammock - XXX-Large. Large smooth net. Exceptionally generous width. Optimal comfort.
Hammock for hours of relaxing, coziness and comfort. With room for both one or more persons,
the width of this hammock offer exclusive comfortable and flexibility.
The favorite hammock of people in Yucatan, Mexico, this is the customary sleeping hammock of the area.
In Scandinavia, UK and rest of europe this furniture is surprising and memorable for the relaxation that if offers.

Product Specifics:
1. Mexican hammock - XXX-Large. Big smooth net. Especially generous width. Optimal comfort.
2. Cotton hammock with nylon arms
3. Carrying capacity: 300 kg
4. Overall length 4 meters
5. Important that the hammock hangs curved (banana-shaped) to take advantage of the flexible width in the hammock.
6. Mexican hammock in very flexible cotton net
7. Enjoyable summer item
A hammock is a creative gift idea!
A positive gift to give. Nice to give. A gift that many dreamed of owning
Item no.: 7-XXXL
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