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Coated net hammock from Mexico in color mix C8, XXXX-L

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An especially beautiful woven hammock. The cotton is coated during the manufacturing process, so the hammock can stay outside during the typical Danish summer weather with sun and rain. A unique hammock,which is very comfortable and endures both kids playing and rain. An absolutely unique hammock, which is extremely comfortable.
Length 4 meters.
Wide more than 2.5 meters. Flexibly so the hand-woven net adapts.

A perfect Mexican net hammock suitable for outdoor use, especially durable for kids playing. Endures the typical Danish rain.
A great hammock for the garden. It is a big and really fantastic hammock.
Mexican hammocks for house, garden and modern living.
Big and beautiful.
Perfect Mexican net hammock for outdoor use, extremely durable for children's play. Water can not penetrate into fiber. Withstands rain.
* Outdoor cotton
* 4 meter total lenghts.
* Total length is 4 meters.
* The net is very flexible smoothly.
* It's like an elastic - it can not give a precise amount.
* An adult can lie across. along. diagonally in the hammock.
* High Quality Product and materiale. All handwoven of mayan people.
Good hammock to the garden. It's big and absolutely amazing hammock.
Item no.: C8
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