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Hammock in durable fabric, Guatemala mix design FG542

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Super strong fabric hammock in golden striped Guatemala mix design. For fun, playing and relaxing.
Colorful striped fabric hammock for playing and relaxing for the whole family. It is a great fun hammock, and you can find it today in many institutions. The hammock made for fun and play in the kids room. Nice colorful hammock great as a gift and as a surprise. A real dream hammock.
A wellness hammock for the adults and an imaginative playing universe for the kids. Enjoy ordering the hammock here online and you will receive it within 1-3 days.
Great laying area in the hammock. It is roomy and the hammock has a good width.
Product Specifics:
Laying area 2,70 m x 1,70 cm
Total length 4,3 m
100% new cotton.
Note the extra strong stitches. A beautiful big hammock!
Hammock for playing and relaxing. The kids love to spread out in a hammock - one of the things the kids will remember when grown up.

Very strong hammock in the most beautiful hammock colors.

Hammock for play and relaxation. Children love a hammock in a hammock. - One of the things the children remember when they grow up.
* Many different hammocks for the kids wanting to have a lot of fun.
* Fabric hammock for playing.
* Biggest selection of hammocks.
* Hammocks for kids.
Item no.: FG564
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