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Wine red Striped Fabric Hammock in strong quality

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This wine-red striped fabric hammock is made for and very suitable for play, fun, institutional use and the children's room. Nice color composition.
Nice hammock for gifts and surprises. A really dreamy hammock.
Wellnes hammock for the grown ups and a fantasy play universe for children.
Enjoy it and order the hammock here online and you'll have it in 1-3 days.
Large area in the hammock.
Lying area 2.70 x 1.70 m Overall length 4.3 m.
100% new cotton textile.
Super Strong Wine Red Striped Fabric Hammock For Play, Fun, Garden and Family Life. Formosa Grande Hammock in fabric for play. Largest selection of high quality hammocks for institutions and family life.

One of the things children remember when they grow up are the time they have been in and rocked in a hammock.
Item no.: FG558
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