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Formosa Grande Natural white hammock - Strong and popular classic hammock without adornment

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Formosa Grande Hammock in natural white without decoration. It is a family hammock that is super good and on everyone's premises in the family for relaxation for 1 or 2 or 3 people. It is big and strong if children also have to play in it. A sublime hammock that fits perfectly for many purposes. Elegant and popular natural white hammock in 100% new cotton fabric.

Wdth: 1.70 m length 2.70 m total length 4.30 meters.
- Natural white hammock fabric in elegant classic style for home and in the garden.

Strong comfortable cotton fabric hammock.
Hammock in natural white cotton fabric.
Length / Width: 1.70 x 2.70 m Total Length 4.30 m
Max weight load 300 kg.
Family hammock that is strong. Large natural white Brazilian hammock.
Item no.: FG001
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