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Comfortable natural white hammock with wooden bar for one or two people. 86405

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Cotton hammock in natural white fabric. Comfortable hammock with wooden stick for one or two people.
Total length 3.7 m
Wooden stick wide is 1.4 m
The lying area in the length is 2.3 m
The fabric width is 1.65 m
Load capacity 170 kg
Double hammock with wooden stick is a distance of 3.7 meters required. If more distance is available, the hammock can be extended by a rope.
Most are located longitudinally or diagonally in this type of hammocks.

Romantica Casuel Hammock with 140 cm wooden sticks
The hammock is tightened out when there is a wooden stick in the hammock.
Hammock suitable for a hammock stand
Item no.: V001
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