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GuatemalaMix Hammock in fabric with width wood sticks of 140 cm

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Note the width of the living area at this hammock, extremely spacious and comfortable hammock, great comfort for this type of hammock.

Extra spacious fashionable fabric hammock with 140 cm wide wooden stick.
Nice use of art, nice to the eye, and nice to lie in.
Suitable for use in the large hammock stand, and the hammock is elegantly widespread.
Wooden stick 140 cm, FSC approved and certified wood.
Fabric 165 x 230 cm with a total length of 3.90 cm.
Strong cotton fabric for hammock use. Coloring and in the very right fashion stripes.
Also suitable for Hammock Stand:

Nice double hammock. Hammock GuatemalaMix
Item no.: V542-140
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