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Thick Cord Hammocks - Off white Mexican hammock. K12-Natural

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    This off-white hammock is woven in a thick cord. It is produced in the ideal size for a hammock. The hammock is ideal for relaxing, well-being and nice playing for the kids.
    This off-white hammock is woven like the regular original Mexican hammocks in net, just with a thicker thread and it can be used for more wild and tough use.
    Material: Cotton
    If the hammock is preferred in another color than the off white, then please make a note on the order, for example which color combinations or choice of an elegant two-colored hammock, where one of the colors will always be off-white.
    A hammock for relaxing and lot of playing.
    A beautiful net hammock that will leave you with good memories, and especially the most comfortable and fantastic laying experience.

    Mexican off-white hammock in a strong net of thick cord
    Total length is 4 meters. The net is very flexible smoothly. It's like an elastic band - it can not give a precise amount. An adult can lie across. along. diagonally.
    Mexican off-white hammock in a strong net of thick cord
    Mexican hammock thick cord
    Item no.: K24-natural
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