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Outdoor Formosa hammock in soft colored design, PRO. No. FM604- FORMOSA.

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Outdoor Formosa hammock PRO.
Product Specifics:
Soft pastel colors in Outdoor fabric hammock.
Hammock for outdoor life in high quality fabric.
1.65m width.
2.50m long without the supporting cords.
Total 4 meter
The hammock is made from a soft fabric which is water and dirt repellent.
The fabric: Textile PRO - Weather proof and with extra strong stitches.
Suitable for 1-2 people
Laying area in the fabric: 1.65 x 2.50m. Total lengh 4 meter
Soft pastel colored fabric hammock for the outdoor life. Great quality and nice colors. The hammock is wide and comfortable. A very popular hammock in a simple and beautiful style.

Fashionable hammock for outdoor use - Fashion colored outdoor fabric.
Item no.: Fmp604
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