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How the little prince’s hanging chair got its name...

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the little prince’s hanging chair
How the little prince’s hanging chair got its name...
In 2005 we participated in a lifestyle exhibition called Garden Living in
Hillerød north of Copenhagen. We had, as we usually do, placed
numerous poles around our stand so that the guests could try our
variety of hammocks.
The exhibition was opened by the, at that time, very pregnant crown
princess of Denmark, Mary. She walked around and mingled with the
exhibitors, followed by a big group of VIP’s, journalists and photographs.
She eventually approached our stand, where she took her time looking
at our interesting line of products. One of our employees asked her in a
somewhat boldly manner if she would like to try one of our hammocks.
The answer came right away, as she said: “Yes, it might give us some nice

pictures”. Everyone laughed, and the photographers must hate them-
selves for not getting any photos of that exact moment.

She came back to our stand a little bit later, and once again she looked
at our products with interest. We gave her a baby hanging chair,
intended for the new prince. The photographers took a lot of photos,
Mary thanked us, and that was what we assumed would be the end of
The picture of Mary receiving one of our baby hanging chairs was heavily
used in the weekly magazines the following weeks. However, big was our

surprise, when Prince Christian on his one-year birthday was photo-
graphed sitting in our hanging chair waving with a Danish flag. Our chair

was once again depicted in most weekly magazines. That picture was
moreover used as a front page for a book about the Danish Monarchy.
The Danish Monarchy has moreover a version of that picture on their
official homepage.
That is the story behind the little prince’s hanging chair, which since then
has become one of our most popular products.
The little prince’s hanging chair
Country of origin: Nicaragua.
The hanging chair comes in natural white, light blue and pink – 100 percent cotton.
It is a perfect gift for a baptism or as a birthday gift for smaller children.
It can also be used as a swing for smaller children.
Size: 1-3 years – maximum load weight of 50 kilos.
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