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Family hammock EXTRA in durable cotton net with color combinations. No. G6

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The family hammock, which always shapes after you, EXTRA nr. 6G. Kids loves to use the hammock as a swing and tumble space, and the hammock can easily fit 4-5 children at the same time. It is also a great hammock for 1 person, where most enjoy the well-being of laying diagonally in the hammock.
A very sought hammock all over the globe. The family hammock for wellness, fun and a relaxing oasis, not to mention the fantastic piece of toy for the kids and a tumble space for all the family. The kids love the rocky movements from the hammock, so it becomes very easily one of the children’s favorite places for playing, reading and much more.
Family hammock EXTRA in smooth durable cotton net from Mexico. Mexican hammocks in an extra special durable quality made especially for use in Denmark by Tropical Hammocks / Kaj Ellegaard.
Durable Mexican hammock in popular cotton net.

The familyhammock for relaxation, enjoy the relaxing oasis and not least a wonderful lovely piece of toys for children and tumble for the whole family. Children are totally joking with the swinging movements from the hammock, so it's quick to become one of the children's favorite places to play and much more.
Carrying capacity: 300 kg
Cotton hammock with nylon arms

Product Specifics:
The length is about 4 meters, and an adult can lie totally across in the hammock. The cotton net gives optimal comfort so you can lie horizontal, across and diagonally.
The hammock is a great garden furniture, but the hammock can also be used for an interesting interior design. The hammock comes in natural white, two-colored, where each hammock is hand woven, and it is hard to find two equal hammocks. The best of all handicrafts.
Hammock for the family
Durable and great experiences!
The length is approx. 4 meters, and an adult can lie completely across the hammock. The cotton net provides optimum comfort so that you can lay across, longitudinally and diagonally.
The hammock is a nice garden furniture, but the hammock is also used for exciting interior decoration. The hammock is available in natural white, two-color and color combinations, each hammock is hand-woven, so there are almost 2 hammocks that are the same. Crafts at their best.

Family hammock Durable and good experiences!

Item no.: G6
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